Waititu wets pants after Kabogo re-unites with Ruto

The recent reunion between former Kiambu governor William Kabogo and Deputy president has left Waititu at the receiving end.

For some time, the two haven’t shared a podium into what left the people propagating they haven’t been into good terms.

In 2017,The Dp who was in charge of the Jubilee nominations was accused of rigging famous mount Kenya politicians who could have rendered him useless comes 2022.

Former Jubilee interim vice chair David Murathe accused Ruto to rigging Kabogo out.

Kabogo had earlier warned the Dp that the Mount Kenya region won’t automatically vote for him.

The Kabogo utterances didnt go well with the DP team whom they fought from all centers.

A source has hinted to the writer that Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu was left shocked after realizing that Kabogo and Ruto were to attend the public meeting in Molo.

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Waititu who is known to support anything that Ruto proposes is said to have fallen out of the Ruto’s camp after several instances of corruption issue.

“The Kabogo ,Ruto public meeting has shaken Waititu and he is on mission to engage Ruto more to overdo the Kabogo factor,” Source said.

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Waititu has been on record over ranging corruption issues where his chief of staff and a driver were arrested with millions.

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