To Break or not to Break-Up; That is the question

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There is nothing as hard as that part of a relationship where you feel the love fading out, emotions going, things falling apart…. where youre hit with the ultimate question; To break or not to break??

I have always found it strange why people take a break in a relationship, and by this, I mean a significant long break from each other like a month or so. I don’t think taking a break is a healthy option because you will both be in limbo and the more you’re apart from someone the more distant you become and the gap is then always hard to bridge.

Before taking a break becomes even an option, check to see if you have you done the following:

1. Talk

Have a conversation about the troubles you’re having in your relationship and then work towards setting plans in place to fix them.

2. Set a reasonable timeframe

When do you want to see the changes? Set a timeframe for them so that you can both see if you’re actually doing what needs doing to make things work

3. Be honest

Don’t lie to yourself, be frank about your feelings, or potential lack thereof, for the other person. Acknowledge if you don’t want to be together and openly express it. Expect backlash but better to kill him with the truth than with a lie.

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