“Stop opening your mouth to wrong people” Robert Burale

The mouth is a powerful force for good or evil. The old saying, “TALK IS CHEAP” is a lie, it’s a myth! WHY? Because talk is very expensive.

What a person says, and the words he speaks is ultimately what he gets and what he pays for in life.

Did you know that what you speak and consistently say about yourself has greater impact on you than anything anybody else says about you?

The real truth is that the words of your own mouth can bring you success or failure,strength or weakness, victory or defeat, a happy home life or misery, freedom or bondage,health or sickness or courage or discouragement.

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Kenya’s stylish motivational speaker , Pastor Robert Burale has revealed that our biggest enemy is our mouth.

Adding that some of the things you plan to don’t come to pass because of your mouth.

“Stop sharing your plans , your promotion to people without realizing they are the same people who will speak ill about you”

The coach went ahead to say that after feeding people you call your friends with too much information they will try hard to see you failing, adding that it’s wise to keep sensitive information to yourself.

“Be undercover don’t reveal too much information to people wait until your plans mature then come out”.

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