“Please stop tagging us on Arsenal memes,” Sauti Sol cries foul

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Sauti Sol has cried foul after fans kept tagging them on the Arsenal match against Leicester City.

Sauti Sol is known to be Arsenal supporters and the recent losing makes fans ashamed of the team.

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It is almost over 20 years since Arsenal won the England Premier League and it seems that they will not win anytime soon.

Being an Arsenal fan is a sad day in Kenya for the debate of who is the king of EPL always rub them the wrong way.

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The 2019 EPL title will be waylaid to somewhere between Etihad or Anfield as the two giants top the table.

Manchester city is currently at the top of the EPL with 92 points ahead of Liverpool who are one point behind.

Arsenal is number 5 with 66 points and on the weekend, they were whooped like ‘nonsense’.

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Fans have been tagging Sauti Sol boy band but they are tired (Insert Atwoli’s voice)

Well, since in football you can never leave without being ‘roasted’, here are some of the top comments;

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