How A Kamba From Makueni Reacts When He Wins 20,000 Shillings!

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Kenyan comedy can have its suave moments at times that can make your day memorable.

Indeed, there’s no genre of comedy that Kenyans love more than highlighting the different albeit unique factors that make our large bevy of tribes lovable and unique.

In an interesting piece on Jasper Murume’s instagram account, there is a fantastic piece of comedy played by one evelyin mutua that will just make your day.

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The skit talks about the reaction of a Kamba when he wins 20,000 Kshs from a promotion.

What’s really interesting is the unique voice, and the overall demeanor in which the lady orchestrates the play.

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It really sheds light on the interesting mannerisms and frame of thought that people have on the purchasing power of Ksh 20,000

Check out the hilarious skit below!

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