Fans are wondering if Otile Brown is faking International shows

Fans of RnB singer Otile Brown now want to see proof that he has indeed been doing international shows.

Otile who is currently in Australia, recently found himself in a tight spot after a fan asked why doesn’t post the shows on his social media.

“How come we don’t see you posting these shows since you really got us hyped. We only see you appreciating fans while you are seated,” asked the fan

The comment ignited a conversation on Otile’s Instagram page where most of  his fans joined in to ask the same question.

After persistent queries, Otile was forced to explain that he posts shows on his Insta stories.

“I post all my shows on my story line. You should know if you are truly a real fan,” he said


Fans have blasted Otile Brown for behaving like a ‘slayqueen’ or ‘umama’ they say.

Otile Brown has been a ‘busy body’ recently as he is doing his Baby Love Tour in Germany.

Otile left for Germany last week and has since been doing shows in cities.

He has also been making headlines after introducing his girlfriend to the public.

The Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabbi, came to visit Otile in Kenya last month and interacted with some of his fans.

With his type of music or as a musician in general, you ought to remain relevant by always keeping fans glued.

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But his ‘erotic’ video did not go so well with a section of his fans as they termed it as being ‘girlish’.

In the video, he is singing along his new hit which he is about to drop and he is seen licking his lips.

Here are some of the reactions;

niyambu Hata hujui kuimba
coxdawayao Mtu mgeni akiingia insta anaweza jua ww mdada mbona unajishebedua sana
manu_mmoja Nice work but it’s coming out in a slayqueenish way… Man up
mokamimorobe mazeee disgusting izi umama niza?

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