An extra expense on your bill to keep your city clean

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If every single restaurant had to do it, it would raise $1 billion annually,” Myint said to KTVU, also noting the surcharge could raise $10 million annually if just 1 in 100 California restaurants adopted the initiative.

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Though the surcharge is voluntary for both restaurants and customers.
As part of an initiative aimed at combating climate change, restaurants will have the option to adhere to the Restore California Renewable Restaurant program and add a 1% surcharge to diners’ bills.

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The extra money will go to support environmentally friendly farming practices. This only makes me wonder if restaurant owners here in Nairobi, could agree to this, and if yes would the money really go the intended use.

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Lets take a scenario where it is being charged , and the money goes towards a monthly maintenance of the city and to a more greener Nairobi ,but with corruption constantly biting our buttocks , this will only be but an idea.

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