Why Police are Not Sorry for Asbel Kiprop

The National Police Service is perhaps one of the few bodies that are not sorry for the embattled former Olympic Champion, Asbel Kiprop.

In a chilling remark that threatened to further sink an already depressed Kiprop further into acute depression, the Deputy Inspector General of Police noted that they are not remorseful at all.

β€œWe don’t condone such behaviour from our officers. Channels of addressing personal grievances are provided in the NPS rules and regulations and firm administrative action will be taken,” said Mr Joseph Kiget, Deputy Inspector General of Police.

Kiprop who is a police constable has earned the Kenya Police Service praise, admiration and victory in both local and international competitions.

However, the body, which was earlier thought could be close by, is further detached from the loyal serviceman, and is threatening to take disciplinary action against Kiprop.

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Little wonder, in one of his latest disparaging social media posts, Kiprop requests the Police Service to come for their rifle, which he says he could use to “earn himself justice.”

The fact that Kiprop separated with his family further complicates the puzzle, as he lacks a strong support system.

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Carol Radul

Seasoned Sports commentator and Radio host, Carol Radul expressed the urgent need to put Kiprop on a counselling regimen on Saturday.

This was after the 1500m track champion demanded that the National Police service dismiss him.

Kiprop’s woes started when he was tested positive for a banned substance suspected to have been boosting his blood.

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Though the athlete contested the tests through one of Kenya’s most respected lawyers, he was never to win.

However, the athlete still has the chance to appeal the IAAF’s 4-year ban.

Kiprop’s defense is that the samples may have been contaminated or that the substance may have been endogenous.

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