Why Kenyans should take the government to account for China loans

Kenyans must ask the government hard questions and disbelieve the mainstream media regarding the claims that China refused to offer President Kenyatta another loan.

Stop fighting and maligning Miguna Miguna on social media and instead focus on asking hard questions, thinking critically, and investigating every item of information that comes from the state.

The argument that whatever “Baba” supports is healthy for citizens no longer holds water. It is time for Kenyans to start thinking for themselves!

Controversial media houses have all take time to circulate the government’s possible lies.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping before the meeting at the Great Hall of People in Beijing, China on April 25, 2019. Kenzaburo Fukuhara/Pool via REUTERS

The Kenyan government loves loans and China loves giving out loans whether the borrowers can pay them back or not. The feeling is mutual. According to the IMF, China loan is an eternal debt trap. Also, the global finance think tank believes that China’s trade deals are subtly dangerous. In fact, according to the world friendly lender, China is notorious and can easily use unconventional means to lend its money to hungry African leaders.

Recently, there were claims that the Government of Kenya had offered the Port of Mombasa as collateral to all the debts it owes China thus far. The GoK of course downplayed the information, terming it hogwash. China also came forward and denied the “allegations”.

Should any sound-minded Kenyan believe them?

The Kenyan government is a criminal syndicate and an enterprise of thieves. The people who hold offices in it are thieves and liars. The Chinese government does not respect basic human rights like the right to freedom of speech; it sensors its own people. What makes Kenyans think that an alliance of these two administrations can be straightforward about anything?

It is obvious that while the Chinese government lends unsustainable loans to governments that have fallen into its debt traps, it also drafts rules for those governments on how to rule their countries. For instance, the Chinese government ensured that as it lent unsustainable loans to Jamaica, it also took hold of the country’s economy.

No Jamaican owns any major business and there is virtualy no any locally produced products including the groceries in Jamaica. The same has happened to Zambia, Sri Lanka, just to name but a few.

It is thus highly likely that President Kenyatta received another loan and the Chinese government has already given him an effective tool to censor and silence Kenyans.

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