The one mistake Ruto ally did that has landed him in a hard tussle with KOT

Deputy President Dr William Ruto is well known for his giving heart. He has been giving in Churches, at funerals and even funding local development projects.

The DP does this either by himself or by the use of his close political allies from different regions in the Country.

This is a trend his political allies have now adopted.

Over the weekend, Kimilili Constituency Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa, a close ally of the DP said he had gone to Kimilili Sub County Hospital and cleared the medical bills for all stranded patients.

The legislator said his action was moved by the remembrance of the day his late mother passed away.

However, in the post, the first time Jubilee MP tagged DP Ruto only. This saw various reactions with many asking him the reason as to why he was tagging the DP.

Conclusions were however made by Kenyans on Twitter that the legislator was tagging the DP since he was the source of the money he took to the hospital. They said he did so as a way of showing the DP an evidence that he indeed took the money to the hospital.

Some accused him of showing off his deeds on social media. Here are some of the reactions.

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