Sudan Bows in to Citizens’ Pressure

Sudan Government has agreed with the civilians on how to handle the transitional period leading up to elections some two years ahead.

The military took leadership of the oil-rich country after massive protests hit the capital Mogadishu.

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Embattled President Omar El-Bashir stepped down followed continued pressure by the military and the protesters.

Bashir has since been transferred to one of Sudan’s most-guarded penitentiaries after his arrest.

Following his incarceration, huge loads of cash were discovered in his bedroom.

The ousted President has been at the helm of the largest country in Africa since taking over power through a military coup in 1986.

Since then, the country has never seen any other President.

In the new military take-over, details of how many civilians will feature in the transitional government have not yet been divulged.

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The citizenry demanded a fully civilian rule immediately after toppling the long-serving president.

A 22-year-old University student was at the helm of the protests which led to the ouster of the Sudanese President.

The girl has since become the face of revolution, after her chants went viral on Twitter.

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Bashir is wanted by the ICC over crimes committed during his tenure as President.

Uganda surprised the International community when it said they would be willing to accord Bashir political asylum.

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