Kenyans laugh at Raila after failed China loan, calls him bad omen

Kenyans on social media have criticized, mocked and talked ill of Mr. Odinga who had gone with Uhuru Kenyatta to China primarily to secure a 368 Billion Chinese loan to complete Naivasha, Kisumu SGR.

To Kenyans, Mr. Uhuru has never been denied loan in the past when he travels to China alone. Most started seeing sense in Murkomen’s comments who earlier on had blasted the ODM leader terming him a bad omen who whenever touches anything tends to fail.

Emerging details indicate that the Chinese government has decided to delay the planned extension of the Standard Gauge Railway from Naivasha in Nakuru to Kisumu city.

Consequently, the Transport Ministry has said that the government will concentrate on completing the railway at Naivasha before linking it to the old line.

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia on Friday said that the government will then rehabilitate the old Meter Gauge Railway (MGR) which runs all the way to Malaba.

“No, we didn’t (sign the deal). We shall first complete connectivity of SGR and the MGR (Metre Gauge Railway) at Naivasha and then rehabilitate the line to Malaba border.

At the same time we shall commercialize special economic zones along the Northern Corridor in order to generate economic returns,” he was quoted by the Standard.

The exercise is expected to consume Sh40 billion, but the CS said that the SGR has not been completely shelved, and will be revived once the loan is acquired.

“Eventually we will have to borrow, but you borrow what you can pay back, and then after you generate some returns you put those returns into a bigger project, which will be this one from Naivasha to Kisumu,” added Macharia.

Instead, Uhuru only secured Sh67.5 billion, with reasons behind his failure to secure the SGR fund remaining scanty.

Here are the reactions of some of the Kenyans on Twitter to the matter;

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