How Kenya Stands to benefit from seaweed innovation

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Kenya is currently grappling with the war on fighting environmental pollution from non-biodegradable plastics.

Plastic pollution is a huge issue in Kenya.

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Currently, Africa is the leader in plastic bags bans. As of April 2019, Kenya’s plastic bag ban carries the heaviest penalties.

In the U.S., only three states and have enacted plastic bag bans. Compared to the rest of the globe, we are far behind on plastic legislation.

In August 2017, Kenya enacted a ban on selling, buying or using plastic bags. The penalty? Up to 4 years imprisonment or a $38,000 fine.

Microplastics were turning up in most slaughtered animals and the coast was littered with plastic particles.

Significantly, plastic bags were clogging up waterways and creating pools of stagnant water for Malaria-infested mosquitos to breed.

The U.N. has identified at least 127 countries that regulate plastic bags. This includes full out bans on plastic bags as well as countries who impose a tax on their use.

Plastic bag bans are becoming so widespread that even terrorist groups have taken a stance on them.

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Bag bans in the U.S. have faced similar obstacles as Kenya’s bag ban.

The manufacturing industry has funnelled thousands of dollars into lobbying efforts to prevent more bag bans.

London Marathon organizers are taking measures to make the 2019 event more environmentally sustainable.

Water will be served in seaweed pouches and not plastic bottles to reduce the pollution menace.

Hope governments will take up this innovation and curb plastic pollution.

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