Wife & son key witnesses in Assa Nyakundi murder case

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Justice is knocking hard on the door of lawyer Assa Nyakundi who claims he allegedly shot his own son accidentally while they had arrived home from a church service.

He was on Friday charged with manslaughter and released on a Sh 300,000 cash bail with an alternative of Sh 1 million surety bond after being arraigned before a Kiambu court over the murder of his son, Joseph.

Throughout the session, the lawyer, who is accused of shooting dead his son Joseph Bogonko Nyakundi on March 17, appeared lost, deep in thought and perhaps wondering how he will grapple, not only with the charges of murder but also the resentment from his own family.

That the lawyer has willingly opted to move out of his residence in Muthaiga North Estate to rent an apartment in Kilimani, in Nairobi, and his wife and son having agreed to testify against him, only confirms how the incident has broken the family apart.

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Nyakundi, through his lawyer Cliff Ombeta, told the court that he had made arrangements to move out and stay at Aden Valley apartments until the matter is determined.

Mr Nyakundi was on Friday arraigned before Kiambu Principal Magistrate Terresia Nyangena, where he denied charges of manslaughter.

His wife Lydia and eldest son Noah have been listed among key witnesses in the case.

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