Sam West jealous of Vivian getting cosy with Naiboi

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“Vivian you disappoint me. Marriage is sacred and if your partner is uncomfortable with something you shouldn’t anika his insecurities to all your fans or workmates.

You should address them privately and resolve them. Kama unamuacha then leave the nigga in peace, don’t show us screenshots of your conversations. This is what is messed up with this generation.”

This was a reaction from one of Vivian’s fans after she shared a screenshot which involved her partner. Sam West. The screenshot was of a WhatsApp group conversation between Sauti Sol’s Savara, Naiboi and Sam West.

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The group members were talking about Vivian’s new song which is supposed to be released on Monday date 29. Sam West was added in the group after it was said that he had questions to ask before the releasing of the song.

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On being added, he said that he was not happy with the way Vivian was getting cosy with Naiboi. He said; “Hey, thanks for the add. Guys, I like the video but there are some parts am not comfortable about.”

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Sharing the conversation, Vivian expressed her confused state whereby she was asking her fans on what to do after Sam expressed his views.

Through her Instagram account, she wrote; “I didn’t want to share these screenshots between Sam West, Naiboi and Savara here but I felt that I had to because I just don’t know what to do.

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In my upcoming video ‘Cheza chini’ there is an intimate part between myself and Naiboi and Sam is not happy about it. Should we edit it or just leave it before we release?”

Taking to the comments section, Savara advised her to go on and release the song; “Wachilia video. Fans need ti have a good time and enjoy music.”

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