REVEALED: Important Life-Lessons You Could Learn From A Slayqueen!

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The Kenyan culture has grown increasingly fond of the up and coming breed of women known as slayqueens.

This is the type of woman that will wake up in the wee hours of the morning and spend an agonizing three hours in front of the mirror just to perfect her appearance.

So much so that you find yourself sitting pensively and inquiring; what kind of sorcery is this?

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But there’s a lot you can learn from these unique type of persons. Especially if you’re an average penniless Joe looking to turn your life around.

In fact, I implore you to dedicate this Saturday evening to visit the poshest clubs and score you one of these dames. You’ll be surprised at how much your life will change!

My fren, you could be on Forbe’s richest list in Kenya in under 2 years!

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After dedicating a series of weekends in the ‘field’ engaging with these women (ahem, strictly for research purposes only), I’ve discovered that they have some charming positive behaviors that could rub off well on you.

Especially if you’re indifferent about your life and need a sense of motivation.

They are extremely aggressive

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Despite the fact that these women have heightened their feminine features to arouse unquenchable lust in men, they have the inner aggression of a bull-cow on heat!

These women are go-getters. If they see a wealthy man, particularly a mzungu expatriate casually sipping his whiskey at the counter, they will employ nature’s most seductive tactics to get his eyes wondering their way.

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These women will do anything to escape the cruel grasp of poverty. And more often that not, you will see them getting involved in unscrupulous cat-fights with one another.

Especially if one of their friends is preventing them from securing the money bag. And by that, the rich sponsor looking for some fun!

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They Don’t Give A Hoot About What People Think

These women are the ultimate hard heads of our society. So you just recently saw one with a sweaty obese man barely able to breathe, do you think she cares?

As long as that same man ceremoniously rewards her with a fat paycheck of Ksh 50,000 a month, he can get on top of her whenever he likes!

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Heck, she’ll even play an Oscar-worthy performance of the girlfriend to the point that she squeezes herself into the old man’s will!

Which then brings us to the fact that…

Slayqueens are dedicated to their craft

You might be wondering, which craft? All they do is give up s3x for a couple of thousands of shillings, right?


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As per my investigations, these women go through a lot.

Just like any other business; to make money you have to spend it.

From soliciting bouncers to get into these fancy clubs, to colluding with the police, to purchasing their own drinks…these women invest tremendously in their craft.

Their dedication is unparalleled; these women will do anything for a solid coin. And by anything I mean any…well, let me not get into the uhm ‘personal details.’

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So the next time you come across these slayqueens strutting in town, maybe ought to give them the benefit of the doubt?

Some of them are going through hell to make things work!

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