How To Drink Tonight Without Passing Out!

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It’s a Saturday night, and like many, you’re preparing yourself to have a great night out!

Or maybe you’ve organized an awesome get-together with some of your friends.

Whatever the case is, it’s crystal clear that drinks will be in plenty.

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The only problem is that you’ve been having issues handling your liquor of late.

Do you Always find yourself being told preposterous stories of what you did last night?

Then, you my friend, are drinking way too much than you can handle!

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Nevertheless, if you still want to drink in plenty without being a burden to others, here are some important pointers to help you be aware of what’s going on.

When drinking, always stay active

This means always be engaged in doing something. Whether it’s dancing, playing the mixologist at a party, being the dj, or flirting with someone in the corner, just be active all-through.

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Bottom-line is, don’t get bored. The minute you do so, then you’re setting yourself up for an unwarranted snore!

Always Have your Water On Standby

Any chance you have, always hydrate. For every two drinks of whiskey, you should drown half a bottle of water.

Water is essential in downplaying all the other physiological effects of alcohol while still ensuring you stay high. So don’t forget the importance of water

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Be Self-Confident

From my personal observations, the people who tend to blackout are the ones who lack the confidence to carry out a decent conversation on their own. So they try to hide their inadequacies by fuelling themselves with liquor.

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Just remember one thing. It’s still you doing the talking when liquor is involved. Just take it easy this time around!

Be confident in yourself.

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