Here are The Best Video Games To Play With Your Kids This Weekend

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With the current digital age you have to keep up with the latest technology, well if you can’t at least know the video games you kid is play so that you can find a place the two of you can bond.

Here are some recent games that you can enjoy as a family, This could be your game night agenda once in a while.

1.Yoshi’s Crafted World PEGI 3+ Switch

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After the Wii U classic platform conversions, this is a brand new Yoshi game. Along with the usual exploration and jumping, this time you can explore each stage backwards on the reverse side of the level.

There’s also a fun 2-player mode where you can work separately or team up together to progress. It’s a game that stands out for the fun you can have, but also the way it looks — as if each level is a hand made construction.

2.Feather PEGI 3+ on PC, Switch

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It’s not often that a game leaves you feeling calmer after play it. Feather does just this with its island playground through which you saw as a bird of prey. The action is kept to a minimum but there’s more to do than first appears.

The sun rises and falls as other players join you to soar in the winds over the mountains. It’s a unique experience and a great one to share as a family.

3.Kingdoms Two Crowns PEGI 7+ Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

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Kingdoms is a side-scrolling strategy game where you must build up your village to defend against attacks that come at night. Along with unique 8-bit visuals, what sets Kingdoms apart from similar games is the trial and error required to work out how best to proceed.

It encourages experimentation with what and when to build. This new version, Kingdoms Two Crowns, adds co-operative play into the mix and is ideal for parents and children to play together.

4. Stormbound – PEGI 7+ iOS, Android

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This is a game where you collect playing cards to build an army of different characters and abilities.

What’s different to other deck building games is that you battle on a chess-style board.

This means you have to think about movement as well as sheer power and strength. What evolves is a really clever and strategic battle game that families can play against each other or online.

5.Wordhunters – PEGI 3+ PlayStation 4

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This is a globe-trotting spelling game that is much more fun (and educational) than similar games. You play with your smartphone on PlayStation 4 which means you don’t need loads of controllers. As the game progressed you can choose which country you visit and solve word puzzles along the way.

Each player is trying to construct a word by winning letters from the current city location, which adds a nice layer of strategy. Like the other PlayLink titles, it’s simple quick fun, that you will come back to again and again.

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