DANGEROUSLY SWEET: Ways you can Injure yourself while ‘Doing It’

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Being careful in the bedroom doesn’t just mean using condoms and such things. Sex itself can be dangerous too!

Sometimes you get bored and start to try new things and then all of a sudden boom… You guys are in the emergency room and nurses are trying super hard not to laugh at you. Safe sex also applies to the rest of your body and not just your private parts, so here are a couple of injuries you and babe could get during sex.

1. Spice on genitals

Why? WHY? What even makes you think eating spices off of someone’s genitals is a good idea. We can’t believe we have to say this to you guys, but anything that makes your mouth burn will definitely make other body parts burn.

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2. Fractured penis

The pain from this is seriously life changing a fractured penis can be caused by rough handling like yanking (OMG, why would you do this?) or using blunt force on an erect penis. Wow. How about we just be gentle with one another and avoiding having a doctor laughing at you because you man broke his penis?

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3. Braces and Oral sex

Unless you want your man’s penis to turn into ground meat just don’t have oral sex with braces on. I mean you yourself have to deal with snapping braces and scraping and bleeding from the side of your mouth. Why would you want to do this to bae?

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4. Stuck sex toys

If it is your first time to use sex toys, then we have one word for you… LUBE! Lube everything up, whether it is a penis ring or a dildo, we don’t care lube it up or you’ll end avoiding contact with a nurse at an emergency room in a nearby hospital.

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Some sexual injuries are worth laughing at but some cause serious and permanent damage so be careful. Just use your common sense and be gentle and sexy times won’t land you in hospital.

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