Vihiga County Women Rep Hit Hard On Team Mafisi

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Vihiga county is leading with Team mafisi who are busy preying on school girls impregnating and dragging them out of school.

Vihiga county women rep Beatrice Adagala on Friday, 26 confirmed that cases of men impregnating school girls are becoming rampant in Vihiga County.

She sent a stern warning to team mafisi and gave them advice that could help them stop disturbing students

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Beatrice Adagala

You won’t believe what kind of advice this woman gave to team mafisi who are a becoming thorny issue in the county.

“I want to be very clear on men who are chasing after school girls and impregnating them, just buy school uniforms for your wives so that every time you want to chase after a school girl, you chase after your wife,” Beatrice said

She said this while delivering a speech during Vihiga county bursary fund event launched on Friday.

I hope every Fisi that has ears heard these words and will heed to them.

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