VIDEO: NTSA Looks Away As Kenya Mpya Exceeds 100KPH

The National Transport and Safety Authority has once again come under intense scrutiny after a video emerged showing a Kenya Mpya Bus speeding past the stipulated 80Km/hr.

In the video, a private car driver is videotapes himself driving at slightly over 100Km/hr, yet the Kenya Mpya Bus glides steadily ahead of the private car.

Image result for woman kenya mpya run over leg
A woman is helped on a stretcher after a Kenya Mpya Bus ran over her leg

This comes barely after another video surfaced on the internet showing another Kenya Mpya Bus speeding past 80Km/hr.

The buses have become notorious along the Nairobi-Thika Superhighway, where they are seen as untouchables.

In March, a woman got her leg ripped off by a speeding Kenya Mpya Bus.

Image result for woman kenya mpya run over leg

Reports indicated that the woman was standing by the roadside when the driver, escaping police, knocked her down and ran over her legs, crushing them to pieces.

In 2016, then Nairobi deputy governor Jonathan Mueke distanced himself from claims that he was an owner or the chaotic Kenya Mpya buses, saying that he only deals in Real Estate.

Splitting Hairs?

In the videos, however, Kenyans on Twitter noted that the private driver who took the video could have ensured his safety first before being hell-bent to prove his point.

NTSA is yet to respond about the two videos, days after they were posted online, leading to speculations whether they are protecting the owners of the rogue buses.

Image result for woman kenya mpya run over leg

the law states that all public service vehicles must drive within the 80Km/hr speed limit.

All the vehicles should also be fitted with Speed governors to check their speeds.

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