Kenyans blast Gideon Moi for treating his dad like a god

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Since the demise of his brother Jonathan, Gideon has been treating his father like the most important thing on earth. A few Kenyans have noticed this and they are not happy with the Baringo Senator.

Instead of taking mourners to Jonathan’s home in Kabimoi, Gideon has been welcoming selected people to see his dad at his Kabarak home. On Wednesday, he denied DP William Ruto from seeing Mzee Moi.

And Kenyans have blasted Gideon for trying to think that his father would be the IEBC chair in 2022. What is this man smoking?

On Thursday, Gideon allowed Kalonzo and Atwoli to meet his father. But the annoying thing is that non of them interacted with Jonathan’s immediate family; wife and kids.

A few people do not love Ruto, but Gideon’s rudeness and ‘you can only see my father through me’ attitude have won the Deputy President many sympathizers.

Gideon Moi could have killed his dream of being President.

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