“I have no Househelps” Baringo Women Rep Reveals

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A well up woman with a stable job expected to have house help. Just in case they get caught in traffic or have some urgent official meeting to attend, the house help will take care of the house chores.

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Today, we even have some women who are not employed at all, yet they have house helps. The kind of women who would never wash a cup just to protect their nails and hands, you know them right. haha

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However, Baringo women rep Hon. Gladwell Tungo Cheruiyot revealed that she does not have a house help and she would not want to have one.

She said this during an live TV show interview hosted by Dr. Ofweneke on thrursday night.

What shocked the host most is that, Hon. Gladwell Tungo Cheruiyot does all her house chores just like any other woman who doesn’t have house help, without fear of intimidation. she does not care what people have to say or think.

I used to be scared,but now I have developed a thick skin…you can say anything about me I won’t care’~Hon. Gladwell Told Ofweneke

After the show the two danced. see the clip of the kalenjin moves

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