Here is how you can make some good money in the Bundesliga match between Augsburg and Bayern Leverkusen

The Bundesliga German league is nearing its end with only six games left for the league to come to a completion with the leading teams Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund being separated by a single point making it a hot horse race.

Augsburg who is placed in14th position will be hosting Leverkusen placed at position 7 in the table.

The two sides are great enemies going by their last seven times they have met having recorded one barren draw and other four draws, and Leverkusen winning the other two matches once away and the other one at home.

In the last six matches, Augsburg has won only two matches losing the other four against Frankfurt and Hannover an away and home match respectively.

Their opponents on the other side have recorded three wins and three losses in their last six matches a home win against Nurnberg and two away wins against Hannover and Stuttgart.

These show that the two sides are unstable and very wavering in their matches against one another as well as against other opponents in the same league.

Here is the catch, Leverkusen will be seeking to go on top of 6th placed Hoffenheim though for a short duration to land at position 5 where Monchengladbach is placed with 51 points.

This means the side will be very careful with the ball not to lose it and not to concede goals easily. This means you can play win for the away team or to be safer, play a gg- both teams will score

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