Fun things to do in Nairobi for a lifetime experience

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Fact: The City under the sun can double up as Paris if you know exactly where to look!

One important thing you need to carry with you as you embark on your journey to Nairobi is that the beautiful town is full of revelers for a reason.

The beauty of the city is its people which you will soon find out. It’s never a dull day in Nairobi as the people always know how to have a good night.

Here’s a few things both first timers and old folk can enjoy on any day:

Do a Nairobi street walk/tour

Tour Nairobi

A great way to explore Nairobi is by meeting a local who will give you a deeper insight into Kenyan culture. You can call them your tou-guides.

Not only does this give you a unique experience, it is also great to know that you support this person in this way. You can for example do a walk with three street kids who once survived on the streets of Nairobi’s city center.

The streets in Nairobi all have a different feel, from down town to uptown you will get a greater understanding of the planning that went into the city’s design.

You will also know the specific places to go shopping for your exact needs and budget. The beauty of Nairobi is that you will find everything your looking for.

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The nightlife is also popping as Nairobians are known for their excessive drinking and party habits so its advisable to check it out for yourself if that’s something your into.

With the establishment of diverse state of the art night clubs all around the city, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic Nairobi night life experience.

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Learn to cook Kenyan food

cooking class Nairobi
Pams cooking class

There is no better way than experiencing a country than through its food. You will get insight in Kenya’s main staple food, connect with a local person and even taste your self-prepared dishes. Either take a cooking class or visit one of the best Kenyan restaurants in town.

Some of our local foods include Chapati, Ugali, Matoke, Githeri and so much more.

What you most definitely have to try out are the street foods, with caution of course! In this you will not only be experiencing our culture but promoting the blue collar industry as well. These foods range from samosa’s, maize to boiled eggs .

Get a feel of Kenya’s history

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Kenya has a rich history. The National Museum is a great place to get a better understanding of Kenya’s rich heritage. Another interesting museum to visit is Karen Blixen, about the Danish author Karen Blixen. The farm house gained international fame with the release of the movie ‘Out of Africa’ an Oscar winning film based on Karen’s autobiography by the same title.

Don’t forget to check out the wildlife as well! Nairobi has some amazing wildlife scenery spots guaranteed to blow your mind! You want to see Giraffes? Look no further, Giraffe centre in Karen is there for you. Crockodiles at Mamba Village, Ostriches at Ostrich farm and all the wildlife at Nairobi National Park.

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Interestingly, the National Museum houses the snake park and an aquarium as well.

Another major stop to make is the Two Rivers Mall which is home to the Kenyan Wheel which offers a grand view of the city from the top. A ride definitely worth taking to really internalize the beauty of the city under the sun.

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How to take transport in Nairobi

The main mode of transportation in Nairobi is by foot, matatu (VW bus) or boda boda (motorbike taxi). If you are adventurous I would recommend taking a reliable boda boda as this is a great and easy way to travel around this busy city.

Taxi service Nairobi
Evans from Savvy riders

There is a Dutch company called Savvy Riders. They train their riders how to ride a bike properly. Each rider is equipped with certified and clean safety gear and all the motorcycles are checked every month to ensure your ride is safe. You can just give them a call and order a rider. This is their phone number +254 (0) 79 139 81 20.

If you don’t want to take any risks I would recommend taking an Uber or Uber-boda. Just download the app and order a ride.

These are just among the multitudes of things to do in Nairobi.

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