This App Treats Addictions Better Than Medication or Therapy Alone

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When one talks about drug addiction the next thing that is expected is ‘rehab’. However, there is a better treatment for drugS and substance abuse, just an application that can be installed on your phone, called ‘reSet-O’.

This App has even been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to execute such a huge responsibility.

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The reSET-O app is a prescription cognitive behavioural therapy intended to be used in addition to outpatient treatment under the care of a health care professional.

“As part of our efforts to address the misuse and abuse of opioids, we’re especially focused on new tools and therapies that can help more people with opioid (drug and substance)use disorder successfully treat their addiction,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

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The reSET-O is an app that can be downloaded directly to a patient’s mobile device after they receive a prescription to do so from their doctor. It is intended to be used while participating in an outpatient OUD treatment program. It can serve as a training, monitoring and reminder tool for health care providers and patients in maintaining an outpatient treatment program. It includes a compliance reward system– such as earning special icons on a prize wheel within the app.

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