The Amount Of Data Used In Kenya In 2018 Will Tripple By 2022, This Is Why

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The growth of internet use in Kenya has immensely grown and smartphones are the leading device being used for internet access. Thanks to the availability of cheap smartphones.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Entertainment and Media Outlook report 2018-2022 report has revealed that last year, Kenyans used 269 million gigabytes of data, and they estimate that this will rise to a massive 984 million gigabytes in 2022.

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According to the Communications Authority of Kenya, Kenya has 46.6 million mobile subscribers of which 42.2 million use the Internet. PwC is estimating that households that are connected to broadband speeds below 10Mbps will drop from 95% seen in 2017 to 85% in 2022 as faster speeds take root.

PwC says that the popularity of social media networks and messaging apps and increased investment in infrastructure will support growth and drive data usage in the country.

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Also in 2018, Kenyans spent Kshs 111 billion on data bundles and PwC projects that this will rise to Kshs 190 billion by 2022.

Internet advertising is also projected to grow in Kenya. Kshs 3.86 billion was spent in 2018 and this is projected to rise to Kshs 5.79 billion by 2022. Internet advertising pie by 2022 is projected to be shared as follows: Mobile (42.8%), Search (19.3%), Display (19.1%), Video (15.6%) and Classified at 3.2%.

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