Miguna gives Ruto a shoulder to lean on as he attacks Kenya’s media on Moi’s loss

Dr Miguna Miguna , a lawyer based in Canada has given the Deputy President William Ruto a shoulder to lean on after media reports that he is an unwelcome guest in the former President Daniel Moi’s home in Kabarak.

Dr Miguna Miguna has attacked one of the articles which was run by Nation terming it as distortion of news and manipulation of public opinion.

Dr Miguna in other words has justified DP Ruto’s visit to the late Jonathan Moi’s visit to his home at Eldama Ravine. According to Miguna, the late Jonathan Moi was over 60 years. Which means he was not a baby therefore he deserve to be mourned anywhere not necessarily in Kabarak at his father’s home.

Dr Miguna has extended his attack on Kenya’s mainstream stating that a “compromised media is an enemy of freedom.”

Lawyer Miguna also has insisted that Kenya has no independent professional media.

He has accused Nation Media Group, The Standard, Mediamax and Royal Media of serving the despots.

“That includes the Radio Africa Group and Kiubi’s Capital FM. (Of course, Kenya still has INDIVIDUAL journalists of repute. Unfortunately, even those ones work for and serve the interests of the cartels,)” Dr Miguna has insisted.

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Lawyer Miguna has urged Kenyans to use social media to mobilise:

” Because the so-called mainstream media are owned and controlled by the same elite who steal elections, loot national resources, torture and murder, patriots must use ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. Anyone who ignores the power of the social media is a fool. Use the social media to mobilise! “

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