Michelle Ntalami’s sweet birthday message to Fena Gitu

Popular female entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami has today drafted a sweet message to Fena Gitu to celebrate her birthday.

Fena Gitu who is today turning 29 has received all the love from her friends and fans and best wishes to mark her big day.

Michelle Ntalami is among one of Fena’s closest friend and the duo have worked together in several projects including the fact that Fena Gitu is a Marini ambassador; with Ntalami being the founder of the natural hairline.

Ntalami celebrates Fena for being a queen that brings laughter and for the fact that she is part of her best memories.

Have a look at her full message and Fena Gitu’s response


To this @fenamenal Queen! 👸🏾 You have given me some of the heartiest laughters and best memories of my life! These are just but some of my faves, though 10 pictures could never do it justice, especially not on the gram! 😂 I can’t wait for you to be a global superstar, then I’ll be one of those friends who are interviewed for your Docu and I reveal all your embarrassing photos and stories! 😂 I have the world to thank you for! My favorite things about you will always be your kind heart, your pure soul, your humble personality, your selfless nature and above all your silly humor..my medicine! 😂 Thank you for your unconditional love and friendship! Storm or shine, we’re riding this life thing together until the end! I got you! 👊🏾 Happy 29th Birthday @fenamenal, I love you always! ♥️
P.S: Fuzzy Duck? 🦆- Also, the one time we actually need a duck emoji without damn autocorrect! 🤣🤣


Awww I Love you Michie!!! This means the world to me, we’ve been through it all and right back, stronger. I appreciate your love, kindness, generosity, counsel, such a sweet soul. I love you today and forever Mia Bambina. ❤️❤️❤️

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