EXPOSED! Airtel in Hot Soup over Unpaid debts

Renown Kenyan hotshot model Ephy Saint is back with another controversy, this time he is calling out Airtel and Ogilvy for not paying him for advert he did for them about four years ago.

In Ephy’s argument that he also posted on his Instagram stories, Airtel Kenya owes him money for continuing to use his images in the adverts in April 2019 as opposed to his alleged contract which stipulated that his images were to be used for only a period of two years. Ephy anchored his argument to why did other models on the same advert that is, Capital Fm’s Jo Kisila and Ugandan model Rnaze continue to earn for their images to be used in 2019.

He posted an alleged fake letter from top public relations firm, Ogilvy in which the company was replying to his letter dated the 25th of March 2019 for the alleged misuse of the image of Ephraim Mururu Murithi alias Ephy Saint.

The reply stated that the impropriety allegations against Airtel Kenya Limited were denied. Ogilvy Africa in the letter also highlighted a clause in Ephy’s contract dated on the 9th of November 2015 that clearly stipulated that the clients could retouch the images as well as use them over unrestrictedly, over an indefinite period of time.

The claims on Ogilvy’s letter makes Ephy’s argument null and void as he had seemingly signed off his images to be used by Airtel for however long and for whichever reason something that led to the speculation that the model is looking for a payday.

Ephy using the hashtag #PayModelsKenya went ahead to play the tribal card and to call out Mr. Reuben Mwangi, head of legal for Ogilvy Africa Limited for allegedly signing off on a fake latter that lies against him to deny him his money and cause him pain as his tribesman.

Capital Fm disc jockey and model Jo Kisila pointed out that modeling contracts are different and are specific to the model in question because it all depends on your bargaining power. In his case, Kisila said that his contract was for two years and when the two years elapsed, he got Airtel Kenya to renew the contract and thus he is still earning from the ads which are still in circulation.

As earlier reported, this former Tahidi High actor was embroiled in a war of words with his vlogger baby mama Chantelle Petit. He was being accused of being a ‘monster’ as he was emotionally abusive and a cheat. Saint retaliated by accusing the first time mom of defrauding Kenyans when she fundraised to get fistula treatment and not ‘loving’ their daughter.

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