Create Innovation Centers to Empower Youths –Kabogo

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Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has called on the national and County government to create institutions to equip more youths with requisite skills.

Speaking Kabogo said the youths’ have been forgotten noting empowerments is key for them to grow.

The former said the current political atmosphere in the Country about 2022 isn’t conducive for economic growth.

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He regrets that the current leadership is only interested with self-enrichment in preparation for politics of succession rather pushing for the programmes that benefit society.

“What I’m seeing now is a different agenda of what was promised during campaigns in 2017, leaders have forgotten youths and they are once again in 2022 campaign mode,” Kabogo said.

The former governor now wants president Uhuru to be strict and acts to his threats noting that the war on corruption won’t be won without actions.

“I call upon Uhuru to be strict as nothing won’t be achieved if the treads continue, youths should note remembered only during campaigns, “he said.

“Both national and County government should utilize the available resources to empower youths, the money used in these early campaigns should be utilized to equip them for better tomorrow,” Kabogo said.

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His sentiments come a day after Kikuyu council of elders warned especially Mount Kenya politicians of politicking against Uhuru directive.

National vice chairman of the Kikuyu Council of Elders David Muthoga called on leaders to wait for official campaign time.

 “But you cannot be going around the country insulting the President then expect support from the community,” he said.

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Muthoga called on politicians to help realization of Uhuru’s big 4 agenda instead of engaging into early politics.

“The community will not support those politicians who are politicking on daily basis, they will be for a shock 2022 as we will rally community against them,” Muthoga said.

He said the elders are embarrassed by leaders from Central who have rebelled against the President.

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“There are politicians who are drunk with power and are going around insulting the head of state. They should stop disrespecting the President if they want our support,” he said.

Political analyst cum politician Gathogo Mwangi has said that leaders led by deputy president should heed Uhuru’s directive for the betterment of the nation.

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“I call upon the deputy president to warn those politicians allied to him against disrespecting the head of state, “he said.

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