Why Sri Lanka President is Dismantling Country’s Security Arrangement

In what appears to be shifting blame to scape-goats, Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena has announced the dismissal of the country’s Minister for Defense and the top security boss.

In a quick move that threatens to institute a major shake-up in the country’s security apparatus, the government was at pains Monday after claims emerged that intel was not acted upon.

Conflicting reports indicated that the President received intelligence from both India and the United States but it was not acted upon.

President Sirisena was particularly angered by the decision of top security brass to sit on a serious intel that cost the country some 360 souls including those of 45 children and 39 foreigners.

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The bombings that started out at 8:30am in a Church located in the country’s capital, Colombo, claimed at least 110 lives in St Sebastian’s Church.

Other attacks would later occur in two more churches, and some occuring in three high-end hotels, killing mostly tourists.

In the last explosion, a suicide bomber’s wife blew herself up on seeing police officers approaching her apartment.

During the incident, three police officers investigating the involvement of ISIS in the terrorist attack lost their lives.

The woman also killed two of her children in the blast.

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