Turning Rainwater into Gold

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Rains are finally here after a prolonged dry season where some regions in Kenya had no water for human use.

You need to take the initiative to harvest rainwater as it helps reduce pressure on our planet’s potable water sources.

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From simple rain barrels that catch roof runoff to complex irrigation systems, many societies and individuals utilize rainwater to supplement or even replace existing water supplies.

No one can claim not to have ever used rain water.

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So here are things that may encourage you to act if you have ever thought about implementing your own collection system.

It Reduces Groundwater Contamination.

Stormwater runoff is a significant source of groundwater pollution.

Contaminants like used oil, industrial waste, chemicals, bacteria and pesticides are washed directly into lakes, rivers and other water supplies.

Collecting rainwater reduces the amount of runoff that makes its way into our water supplies by rerouting it into designated storage containers.

It Lowers the Risk of Flooding and Soil Erosion.

Nairobi city and other areas are already flooded from the few days rain causing havoc on residents. People are pushed out of their homes.

Capturing rainwater before it reaches the ground reduces flooding in low lying areas and helps control erosion caused by runoff.

These results can be significant when utilizing a large cistern or high volume water storage system.

Maintenance Costs Are Minimal.

After the initial setup, the costs of maintaining a rainwater catchment assembly involve little more than a bit of time and energy.

Regular cleaning and periodic inspections to be sure there are no leaks or cracks will help keep your system in good working order.

And unless you plan to use the water for drinking, it’s not necessary to install any kind of purification process.

It Can Lower Your Water Bills.

Rainwater will greatly help you in washing your car, watering the lawn hence minimizing on cost accrued in paying for the utility.

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By using collected water, you can decrease your tap water usage and replace it with a completely free resource, saving you money and reducing demand on the municipal water supply.

There Are Many Ways to Use the Water.

Depending on the size and type of container you’re using, your collected water can be used for a number of different things.

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Here are a few ideas to utilize the rainwater from your barrel or cistern:

  • Drinking
  • Watering your garden, lawn or field
  • Flushing toilets or washing clothes
  • Washing your vehicle
  • Supplementing the water supply in case of fire

If you plan to use the water for drinking or personal hygiene, you’ll need to implement some sort of purification system.

This may also be a good idea if you plan to use it to water leafy plants or vegetables that are directly exposed to the water.

The use of a rainwater harvesting system provides the user with a number of benefits.

This involves using permanent storage structure and groundwater recharge.

How do you participate in harvesting rainwater? Let us know in the comments section.

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