NOT YOUR SPONSOR! Here’s why ladies should NEVER lend their Men money

Otile Brown Vera Sidika

He is most likely to take you for granted if you lend your man money. For starters, he will start small while studying your vulnerability. Then he’s going to make it a habit and the fact that you cannot say no, makes it even more worse. I mean, sistah, are you his bank? Is you his boss? Is you his mamma to give him pocket money? Hell naw!

1. He’ll get used to it

Even when he’s got money of his own, he’s still gonna come asking you for yours. He’d rather save HIS money and spend YOURS. He will cook up the stupidest most pathetic excuses to extort money from you. Keep your distance babe. Do not give him money. It’s straight out NO NO.

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2. He will take you for granted

Yup! I bet you’ll be known by his friends as that ‘M-pesa chiq’. LOL When he’s out with his friends and he runs out of mullah, he’ll call or text you in a panic and say things like, “hey babe, I’m so sorry but I didn’t carry enough cash and I’m stranded. Can you please send me some cash I’ll refund?” SMDH

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3. You’ll most likely break up

Once he gets tired and the cow (you) refuses to give out any more money, damn right he’s gonna leave you for the next healthy cow he can milk. Is this the kind of man you seriously want to squander your life with? Next!

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It’s one thing for your man to be in a real fix. We have no problem with him asking for cash then, but that is rare. But for a man to be comfortable and ballsy enough to ask you for money just loosely, that is totally unacceptable.

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