Is Kiganjo National Police College a Brewing Ground For Corruption?

For ages now, the Kenya Police sector has been ranked as the leading corrupt institution in Kenya. From collecting bribes on the roads to participating in ‘killing’ of some of the judicial cases, Kenya police image has continued to remain darkened

New emerging allegations shows that this behaviour among the men in uniform traces its roots to one of their training schools in Kiganjo. In one of the letters written to a prominent Kenyan Activist and seen by Daily Active, the complainant expresses their disappointment over the rate of corruption that is swiftly sweeping across The Training College.

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Here is the Letter;

Hi voice of the people,

Kindly expose this rampant corruption at the National Police College – Kiganjo.

The Director of studies collects Kshs. 2400 for over 1000 officers undertaking different courses at the institution, and supplying cheap track suits not worthy that much.

The officers are also forced to buy printing materials (Azar and spectar) from specific company believed to be associated with the madam boss.

As if that is not enough, officers are forced to pay Kshs. 200 for every exam they take, that is, Kshs. 3000 for the 15 units being taught at the college.

The worst part is that no receipt is being issued when one makes such payments.

Officers are ordered to pay Kshs. 200 every month as barrack maintainance fee, yet nothing is being repaired.

In case of any breakage, individual officer is forced to cater for the damages, yet nothing is repaired or bought.

Below are pictures of the said tracksuits and joining instructions.

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