Bravo Willy Paul & Akothee! Doing Good To Society

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Wily paul and Akothee

It seems that the spirit of doing good is sweeping through our artistes causing them to do good to the society. While akothee is has been on the headline for reaching out to the hunger-stricken Turkana’s, Willy Paul is out there giving advice to the youth of Samburu community. where NACADA cannot reach, will paul can reach and offer to mentor the youth on naturing talents and avoiding crime!

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Did you know that Akothee is set for a World Tour where she will perform in various cities and countries? Did you know that she announced that 50% of the profits she will make out of this tour will go to charity work?. I thought you should know. I mean this is super amazing of our own celebrities giving back to society.

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When relief food delays in Turkana Akothee comes in handy Immediately. bravo to willy paul and Akothee

Willy Paul addressed the Youths from Samburu telling them to tap into their talents to generate income and better their lives

Youths from Samburu county should make good use of their talents to earn income and improve their lives. Willy Paul has said.

Willy Paul said this while speaking in Maralal town, Samburu county, outside Allamano hall during Nkopang festival, during the easter season

Willy paul in Samburu