Why that beer could be from jumbo dung

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Cow dung are the most used animal waste by human.

However, the government recently issued a directive warning farmers from using animal waste as fertilizer.

Elephants dung also have some astonishing uses not known by many.

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The jungle giant consumes about 200-250 Kilograms of food on a daily basis. This obviously results in a large amount of excretion, which is about 50 kilos a day.

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Here are some unexpected uses of elephant dung:

  1. Paper

Elephants digest only about 45% of the food they consume. Since they are herbivorous, much of the food that passes through them comes out as intact fibre. Paper pulp can be derived from the dung, making eco-friendly paper.

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The elephant dung can make about 115 sheets of paper a day.

2. Fuel

Elephant sanctuaries are wising up and making use of the excrement under their feet. The waste product from elephants can be used to generate gas, heat and even electricity.

3. Mosquito repellent

You don’t have to apply the poop directly onto your skin (except if you find yourself in the jungle with no alternative).

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Lighting up elephant dung can keep the mosquitoes away due to the smoke produced.


A Japanese company recently drafted a beer made of elephant dung and it sold out almost immediately. The beer, which is called Un Kono Kuro, is made using coffee beans that have passed through an elephant and has a mellow and sweet flavor.

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5. Coffee

In Thailand, a herd of elephants is producing coffee worth US$500 per pound. This exotic brew is made from undigested beans consumed by the elephant.

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6. Hydration

God forbid you ever find yourself stranded in the wilderness, you can squeeze fresh dung to provide enough moisture and Voila! You survive.

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