What you need to become a Co-op Bank agent

Agent banking is an alternative channel aimed at supporting the available channel network of branches and ATMs. As part of enhancing the bank’s footprint in Kenya.

Those seeking to become agent do not necessarily have to be Co-operative Bank account holder to be accepted as agents.

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However, you will need to raise Sh. 1,000 application fee charged by Central Bank of Kenya. You will also need to place a float. According to Co-op Bank, the float will be determined by customer limit during the appraisal.

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According to Co-operative Bank, the following are eligible to apply to become agents with the bank:

  • Limited liability companies.
  • Sole proprietorships.
  • Partnerships
  • Societies
  • Co-operative societies
  • State corporations
  • Trusts
  • Public entities

To apply to be an agent, you will need the following documents when you visit the Co-operative Bank branch for application:

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  • Certificate of good conduct (for the individual)
  • PIN certificate
  • Banks Statements if you are not a Co-op Bank account holder
  • Business permits for the last 12 months
  • Current business permit
  • Certificate of registration
  • Copy of ID or Equivalent
  • Two passport size photo graphs
  • Business Owners’/Directors’ CVs.
  • CBK Form 3 & CBK Form 4 witnessed by commissioner of Oaths.

Corporates seeking to open agencies will need to provide the following additional documents:

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  • Audited books of accounts for the last two years
  • Resolution to carry out agency banking.
  • SASRA approval for FOSA’s
  • VAT registration (where applicable)

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