Uhuru punishes Ruto further with more strict directives

Deputy President Dr William Ruto’s woes seem not to be ending any time soon.

Just recently, we saw VIP security withdrawn from his close allies. As if it was not enough, we saw him arrive in Nyeri for a function, only to find that neither County Commissioners nor any local Security had been assigned for him!

Again, top government officials have been reportedly cautioned against taking command from the DP Ruto perceived by the Central government to be creating two centers of power.

The affected wings are the cabinet secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Parastatal bosses, County Commissioners, top police officers among others.

The government wants to have one center of power after intelligence briefings on the possible consequences associated with Ruto’s spirited move to create a parallel government.

Central government is being coordinated by Interior CS Fred Matiangi through his current position as the chairman of the National Development Implementation and Communication Cabinet Committee.

The Committee has offices in all of the 47 counties in Kenya chaired by the respective County Commissioners.

The County Commissioners have been told to deal directly with Matiangi and not Ruto.

Current position is that the central government must clear Ruto to get security if he visits any county.

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