Soon after son! Diamond’s father releases a new song

Although music is supposed to be like a therapy to the soul, over the centuries it has taken many paths and is definitely used for a million and one reasons today including opening up on how one exactly feels in real sensitive issues in their lives.

A musical controversy is reigning in popular musician Diamond Platinumz’s family. If his ex is not releasing a song then he is, and if he ain’t then his father is doing so

Just days after Diamond released the much-disliked song on the internet today, his father has dropped his own music.

Image result for Diamond Platnumz father singing

In an interview prior to releasing this song, Babu Tee had confirmed to the media that he had no plans of joining the music industry and his being in Sungura’s video was a sign of gratitude.

Listen to the song

Ever since the release of his first song, Tanzanians have been questioning what happened to the ailing Abdul, the man who was crying out in pain to the public, seeking support from fans and family? Was it a stunt?

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