Pimp your Bedsitter with these 4 Simple hacks

making bedsitter roomy- Zumi

If you don’t live in a one bedroom you probably live in a bedsitter.

People have this idea that bedsitters are not all that but if you pimp your bedsitter on budget, it can be everything. Take time to make your place feel homely because after all, you’re going to be the one who will be staying there. It is possible to make your place look cute and homely plus spacious without spending too much.

1. Stop hoarding things 

Forget about the things you don’t need and make room for what you actually need. When you’re in a small space you cannot afford to have cluttered place it not only gives roaches room to roam around but your place just looks smaller. Organize your things in compartments so that your place looks neat and cute.

how to pimp your bedsitter
2. Have multipurpose furniture 

Have furniture that you can use for different things. A good example is using a sofa bed which can be a couch and a bed at the same time. You can have the couch for when guests come and if they sleep over they can sleep on the sofa bed.

3. Get room dividers 

Get dividers that will give your bedsitter a bit more space and privacy if you live with someone else or to make you feel like you have rooms. Get room dividers from online shops or if you fancy you can use a curtain that doesn’t look shady.

bedsitter ideas
4. Accessorize 

You can also print art and frame them and use them as your wall art. On the other hand you can use family photos to give your place a bit more warmth giving it a classy look. Keep a close eye for lamp stands from hawkers, they are cheap and will give your place a warm feel.

bedsitter ideas

A bedsitter needs to be given detail, needs to be neat and a homely feel. To do this on a budget you should be on the look out for furniture and cute things online on places like organized planet or Gikomba for nice affordable curtains.

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