Key Difference Between Identical and Fraternal Twins

The difference between identical and fraternal twins has brought a lot of confusion to many who are not familiar with the subject.

Some even think that the two are similar things. But that is actually far from the truth.

Today, we’ll know the difference between the two by stating the myths surrounding them and explain further.

Before that, it is appropriate to know the meaning of the two.

Identical Twins

Also known as monozygotic. They originate when one sperm cell fertilizes one egg. The egg and the sperm cell later break into two to form two embryos with the same genetic materials.

This gives birth to two identical siblings born at the same time.

Fraternal Twins

Also known as dizygotic. They originate when two sperm cells fertilizes two different eggs.

This gives birth to two siblings who are similar or not but also come at the same time.

Physical Difference Between Identical or Fraternal Twins

For identical

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Just as the name states, they look similar in almost everything and are indistinguishable.

This is because they share about 100 per cent genetic materials and if they have some difference, then it is a physical factor like scar or hairstyle.

For Fraternal

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They are just like any other twins but they may have differences in voice, skin colour, body build, height etc. However, fraternal twins may look similar for they share 50 per cent of the genetic material but they are never identical.

Psychological Difference

Both identical and fraternal twins have a very special and particular bond between them. This is because they are raised together and so the bond must be unique.

When it comes to their personality, it will depend on where they are raised. In identical twins, they always have complementary and dependent personalities.

For fraternal, personality may be similar or different depending on their physical resemblance. But they have a more alike personality than other common siblings.

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Note: Even identical twins do not have similar fingerprints as this is not formed genetically but by intrauterine forces during the gestation period.

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