Excuses Commonly Used By Kenyan Men When Caught Pants Down

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Whenever they’re caught on the wrong, they always have an excuse to justify their actions on their fingertips and sometimes, sadly, we do fall for it. Cheating is something most men find impossible to avoid and when they get caught, here are some of the worst excuses our men have pulled up their hat of monkey tricks.

1. Why were you going through my phone


Well, it’s against relationship policy to look through someone’s phone however, it happens every now again. You know, his property is our property… and those kinds of things. When you find something suspicious on his phone, this is still such a lame excuse. Can we please get back to why you were cheating? That’s the main issue.

2. I was drunk


Aren’t we all drunk… Please

3. It was just s3x
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And that it didn’t mean anything, that he doesn’t love her, he loves you. As sweet as this may sound, girl. If it’s just sex how about you go and ‘just have sex’ with someone else, how about that.

4. It just happened

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Sometimes dealing with children makes more sense than dealing with grown a** men. We know if just happened look for another excuse.

5. I had to see if what I have with you was real
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Lol, yes, he’ll give you some crap about how he had to test the waters somewhere else but that the grass isn’t green on the other side and you’re what he wants at the end of the day.

6. That mami just threw herself at me
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And you entertained her so what’s your point exactly?

7. You pushed me to doing it because of X reason


Oh yes, he now has some nerve to put the blame on you for whatever shortcomings you had in the relationship. When people have issues they talk about them and deal with them, not cheat.

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