Esther Passaris addresses gender violence in society to pub regulars

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Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris continues to define her role in her capacity as a leader to impact change in society and empower the girl child.

We all know a lot of conflict stirs from bars and alcohol intoxication in general She took the opportunity on Monday night to engage Kibra men in a candid discussion on violence against women at a popular bar in the area.

Passaris visited Terminus Pub at Olympic at around mid-night and started a discussion with the revelers.

The men defended violence perpetrated by love sick men, stating that women had become parasites.

“Mama county, hawa wasichana wanakula wanaume, ukweli usemwe wasichana waache kukula wanaume…kama amekula hii nyumba yote, mi nimeuza nyumba kwa sababu yake na amekula yote, mimi nabaki na nini?” one man questioned.

Passaris urged the men not to commit murder on claims that a woman had squandered their money.

“Amemuua sasa atafanya life in jail, amefaidika na nini? Wanaume, mkikaa na wanaume wenzenu mzungumze kuhusu wasichana ambao wanauliwa. Kama msichana hakutaki hakutaki, kama amefika kiwango amepata mwingine wajua kuna wasichana wengi,” she said.

Passaris has in the past spoken on violence against women urging the society to find alternative ways of resolving disputes without violence.

This is what some of her followers had to say :

Yes, an urgent dialogue needed to educate society but your line of pursuit is imbalanced. Women too have killed their men- cases are currently in litigation. Ever realised every week this happens..smth is tragically wrong. Worse, the victims see this coming & sit on their hands!— FreeRepublik (@RepublikFree) April 22, 2019

@EstherPassaris a good start👍. Leverage your good offices to push the envelope on this. Deepen & expand dialogue on this. The media has aggravated matters by sensationalizing this. Inadvertently, many have interpreted this as a just path. So sad!— FreeRepublik (@RepublikFree) April 22, 2019

Some women have become cons. And some men cannot be conned and let it slide. They go as far as killing in their revenge. Especially born 90’s. When a woman accepts your advances and your gifts , its easy to assume ako box. So women, don’t accept money and gifts kama hauko box .— Another Session (@AnotherSessionK) April 22, 2019

I think mama taa yu should talk girls… Wao wenye we ndo wanafanya wauliwe…. They should have there own principles they should learn to say no en mean it— vinom media (@centvinie) April 22, 2019

Why the boy may kill the girl?
The girl exploiting poor boy child in the name of slaying.
Toxic feminism indoctrinates the girl with negative ideology thus its toxic to both her and the boy.— Trevor Kenya🇰🇪 (@trevorkasyoka) April 22, 2019

Women have turned to be thugs of mapenzi; a man is not weak bcz of falling for a woman, that how it is naturally. Now a woman is taking the advantage of that fact to siphon money en other resources from a man, uyo ni mwizi na ukipata yeye ni kuchoma! #MamaTaaMtaani— Richie Mahamoud (@RichiMahamoud) April 22, 2019

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