DP Ruto, Raila fight over control of Kikuyu votes

The fight over the control of rich mount Kenya votes in preparation for 2022 election is already taking shape.

Deputy President William Ruto is on road trip to reclaim 2013 promise while Mr Odinga is on a mission to harvest the handshake proceeds.

Politicians allied to deputy president William Ruto have claimed that Ruto is an automatic president after Uhuru noting that Mount Kenya region will support his candidature.

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu was quoted saying that president Uhuru owes the DP a debt after campaigning for him in 2013.

Waititu wondered why the president is being silent as his deputy is being attacked by the opposition.

“Ruto made you president and there is no short cut as you will have to support him,’he said.

Irungu Nyakera, the Stanford University educated, 37-year-old former Permanent Secretary, now the Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party, has cautioned in an interview that Mt. Kenya leaders must start regular meetings to avoid becoming puppets of external forces.

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His sentiments come at a time of rising concerns that one arm of the Jubilee is using financial incentives to influence the direction of Mt. Kenya politics. President Uhuru Kenyatta previously came out strongly to condemn region’s leaders who have been engaged in constant politics instead of being development-focused, a matter which among which contributed to the fault-lines of his now uncertain relations with the Deputy President William Ruto.

He spoke of a need for a permanent think-tank to generate ideas on how the region should strengthen its social-political and economic growth while enhancing national integration.

“The people of Mt. Kenya are already disillusioned. There is much that was expected by the current government. Only a little of it has been delivered. We feel the region is being marginalized and that is why we came up as the Democratic Party to speak on behalf of this region,” said Irungu.

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