Diana Marua responds to claims of neglecting Bahati’s son

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Diana Marua has today blasted a fan for questioning her for not posting a photo with their adopted son Morgan.

Bahati’s fiancée had shared a photo of Bahati and their daughter Heaven saying that her God given responsibility is to make sure that before anything else, they find a comfortable place in her heart to call home.

“They come first before my needs and nothing is more rewarding to be told “I appreciate you” by my hubby Bahati and being given the warmest hugs and kisses by my baby Heaven Bahati everyday!!” she said in her post

Some critics have been on her case claiming that she seems to give more attention to her daughter Heaven and not their son Morgan.

In response to these critics, Diana said that they are all her kids and they call her mum.  

She also added that none of them lacks whatever they need and just because her son isn’t in the picture, doesn’t mean she does not love him equally.

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She also warned her followers not to be too quick to start saying things just because they can.

“I’m sure you don’t take photos of your mum and dad/ brothers and sisters together all the time…. that doesn’t mean they’re not acting like your family! In this age and time, let’s allow ourselves to be a bit reasonable.” She added

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