Confessions: Women reveal how they have been fat shamed by their own husbands and boyfriends

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Women reveal how they have been fat shamed by their own husbands and boyfriends in shocking online confessions. 

Writing on anonymous app Whisper, women from around the world spoke candidly about being bullied, mocked and ridiculed over their size at home. 

One woman told how she receives praise from her boyfriend whenever she limits her food intake despite previously suffering from anorexia.

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Another whose partner claims to have a fetish for fat ladies revealed she has been judged over her size despite not being overweight.

Many others confessed their lovers started making comments about their body after having children and during pregnancy.

My husband fat shames me,how do I stop this from continuing. I'm not overweight by choice,I eat right and exercise as I can with my hectic schedule. Why does he make me feel worse about my insecurities?

My husband fat shames me and he's bigger than I am!
My husband "fat" shames women with athletic builds in front of me... It has made me so self-conscious about my appearance that I've almost stopped eating altogether...
I lost 80 pounds after my husband fat-shamed me relentlessly. Fat-shaming works. So does divorce.
My husband fat Shames me
He makes me step on the scales in front of him
He won't let me go on my own to my gp just in case it's to do with 
my weight ..
My boyfriend fat shames people so much it makes me so disappointed to be with or around him when he does it. I'm a size 18 and he does it to me A LOT and I hate him for it.
I'm pregnant and my boyfriend fat shames me
My boyfriend claims he loves me then fat shames me when I eat too much and says it’s only because he likes skinny girls
My boyfriend fat shames people all the time and it makes me feel bad because I’m fat too. 220lbs
My husband fat shames me because I'm not the same size when we met even though I had 2 children
My bf told me he liked bigger women,  then when I gained some weight he steadily fat shamed me. 
I decided to drop that 130lbs
I hate that my bf fat shames us when we work out. It doesn't help at all and my confidence drops. It does not help.
My boyfriend fat shames me when he's drunk. I'm barely a size 9. It makes me hate myself even more than I already do.
My husband just fat shamed me by telling me it was good I only ate one thing today because I was busy. I used to be anorexic.

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