Britney Spears fans demonstrate for her freedom after she re-appears from rehab

Things have not been working and going well for songstress and songbird Spears. She has been on rehab for close to a month now.

She is said to be reliving her worst nightmare all over again and it is understood that the troubled singer is terrified that another stint in treatment will “kill her career,” according to a reliable source.

The singer has been spotted for the first time since checking into a mental health facility after her father Jamie ‘almost died.’

The singer was reported to have voluntarily entered into a 30-day treatment program last month in the wake of her dad’s serious health battles.

After taking time out of the spotlight, Britney, 37, emerged on Easter Sunday accompanied by boyfriend Sam Asghari.

The pair were seen leaving The Montage hotel in Beverley Hills, where they had spent the day relaxing, as an assistant showed them into a waiting car.

Britney was photographed dressed in a simple red sundress and Birkenstock sandals as Sam put a protective arm around her.

A source told TMZ that Britney had checked into a health facility after her 66-year-old father Jamie underwent corrective surgery on his intestines and colon following a life-threatening rupture.

According to the insider, Jamie had a second procedure but began suffering complications which led to daughter Britney putting her Las Vegas residency on hold.

Announcing an ‘indefinite work hiatus,’ Britney told fans: “We have a very special relationship and I want to be with my family at this time just like they have always been there for me.”

A separate source told People magazine that her dad’s illness had taken a toll on Britney and she’d checked into a facility for ‘all-encompassing wellness and treatment’ so that she could ‘focus on herself’.

“Her dad being sick has taken a toll on her. He nearly died and actually had another surgery a few weeks ago. He’s not doing well.

“They’re so close and it has been a lot. There is nothing dramatic going on with her – she just realised she needs to make sure to take time to care for herself.”

Britney Spears’ dad Jamie

Britney’s father continues to act as her conservator after a court decided in 2008 that the popstar lacked the ability to make decisions for herself.

It came after Britney went through a highly public breakdown in the full glare of the world’s spotlight in 2007.

In the aftermath, her dad Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallett assumed legal responsibility for Britney’s affairs.

The conservatorship was later made permanent forcing the mum-of-two to seek permission in almost every area of her life.

Following reports of Britney’s latest mental health battles, her devoted fans have begun protesting the conservatorship which has now been in place for ten years.

Fans gathered outside West Hollywood City Hall this week chanting ‘Free Britney’ and brandishing pink banners to support their idol.

A host of Britney Gram podcast Barbar Gray spoke to Entertainment Tonight reporters about why she’d joined the protest.

“We’re here to expose the free Britney movement and let everyone know there’s something severely wrong going on,” she said.

Her show co-host Tess Barker added: “Any individual who feels that it’s appropriate for Britney to be in this situation… I would really wonder why they feel it’s appropriate for her to be touring the world for the last three years, and to have put out three huge albums to have had a very successful Vegas residency.”

“We love you and we believe in you,” added Barbara, reaching out to Britney.

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