Sonko trolled by angry Kenyans for re-posting 12-year-old video with a misleading caption!

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has found himself in the wrath of Kenyans online after re-posting a 12 year old video on his Facebook account.

The governor had posted the same video 3 years ago. The video is of starving Ugandan children who were almost at the verge of dying.

And knowingly, he re-posted it claiming someone had just sent him the clip. He calls the “person” Dr. Gashau.

The video was filmed in Uganda in 2007 by two whites. So it is 12 years old!

The whites who shot the video did a follow up in 2009 and the children were helped.

They did a video and posted it on their YouTube channel called “The San Damiano Foundation’ with the caption “This is the follow-up story to the scene entitled “Sam and Esther,” which we filmed in August of 2007. We returned to Uganda in January of 2008 to see how Sam, Esther and their sister, Jane, were doing since we found them and months after Village2Village began caring for them. This is a beautiful story of how love transforms lives. Sam, Esther, and Jane will never be the same after our encounter with them, but the real transformation has come in us and all those who have helped them. There is a certain indescribable joy and hope that emanate from their story…..the power of love.

Sonko re-posted the video on Sunday evening with the caption “Dr. Gashau just sent me this video clip and hes now not responding to my calls, may hes busy. Could someone direct where is this plse? Hope not in Kenya? And if it is, something urgent must be done between now and kesho. Kindly”

Angered Kenyans who had already seen the video on his Facebook account some years back flocked on his comment section to let him know they already saw it and they wondered why he re-posted it.

Below are some of comments from the bitter Facebook users.

Alloys Kioko said “Not Kenya this mheshimiwa… Remember in your posting your have such a clip also shared sometimes back about this family”

Theuri Josephat said “This an old video from South Sudan. Posted 5 yes ago, why do it again?”

Jr Noor Abdirahman Mohamed said “Meheshimiwa you posted this video Years ago and you are reposting it now I literally don’t know which attention you are seeking unless you are mlevi”

Antony Wanyama said “Sonko is typing from a bar. Go home sir you are drunk!”

Hadassah Wambui said “U once shared this if i am nt wrong”

Warda Islam said “Last year you updated same video with same becoming to doubt you”

Kagiri Wa Mathenge said “You’re turning to be a blogger this video was posted back in 2014 and at one time you posted it ….stop acting Petty fanyia watu kazi na uache ma PR mob”

Thuita Mbauni said “Sonko wacha kubeba watu kaa mafala. …shenzi . what kind of a leader are u posting such an old video claiming something needs to be done between now and tomorrow. U are a governor doest it means u don’t have the contacts of the governor responsible for that county ?wacha umakanga bwana …hapo hujacheza kama wewe”

Sarah Kajeru Wainaina said “It is not doubt, a Sad Story … However You have posted this Clip before and several people told you it was an old clip from a neighbouring Country …. Who is your PR person??? …
You need proper Archiving ..”

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