Uhuru’s Huduma Namba Project Record Low Turnout as 66% Not Registered- Survey

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Huduma Namba Project is still experiencing a low turn out as survey shows that 66 % of Kenyans havent yet registered.

While the registration is still facing resistance from a number of Kenyans, only 34 per cent of Kenyans have registered for a Huduma Namba, an Ipsos survey indicates.

That means 64 per cent still haven’t registered since the 45-day listing started on April 2, ending on May 15. 

Eastern recorded the highest registration at 42 per cent followed by Western and Central regions, which tied at 38 per cent. Nairobi and Coast regions had the lowest registrations at 29 per cent, closely followed by Rift Valley at 30 per cent. 

The survey of 1,527 adults released yesterday was conducted between April 16 and 17 through computer-aided telephone interviews. It surveyed Kenyan adults picked randomly across the 47 counties.

It indicates that in all regions more than 90 per cent of those interviewed said they were aware of the Huduma Namba registration. 

Forty-six per cent of those who have not registered said they have been busy, 16 per cent cited long queues and 15 per cent said they were not aware of its use.

Only seven per cent said they were not aware where to register, three per cent said they did not have the required documents, two per cent raised issues on data protection while one per cent cited slow process and long registration time. 

For those who have registered, 49 per cent said the process was very easy time-wise, 38 per cent said it was fairly easy while 13 per cent said it was difficult. 

Of those who have not registered, the majority, 47 per cent, said they did not know when the exercise will end. Twenty-nine per cent gave an incorrect answer while 24 per cent gave a correct response.

The survey indicates that six per cent of those interviewed do not intend to register.  Most of those not intending to register said there is a lot of misinformation on the need for a Namba. Others said they do not have the required documents.

The survey also indicates that corruption and drought are the most serious issues affecting the country. 


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